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Exercise Programs to Get You Moving Again

Depending where you are in your recovery process, you might feel ready to start exercising. Below I have linked my absolute favorite online exercise programs. I used both during my recovery, but my favorite was Kelsey Rose because of her focus on Mobility. You can also read my blog post on exercise to get all the tips and tricks I learned along the way! 

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The MWH method is a series of slow controlled, low impact movements combining yoga and Pilates style sequences to sculpt beautiful long lean lines throughout your entire body. Melissa Woods has a large range of workouts so you are sure to find something no matter your skill level. Her program is great for strengthening those muscles that weaken during recovery, and it was slow and low impact enough that I could handle it. I started her programs right after my surgery and I could easily tailor her exercises to fit my current level as I progressed. On a bad day, I could focus only on arms and it was completely doable! It's also so convenient because you can just pop on your Bala bands (linked below) and do a quick video whenever you feel a spurt of energy. 

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With Kelsey Rose's method of movement you will begin to open up, strengthen, and tone your body with form focused efficient workouts for all fitness levels. She also focuses on mobility which is key to facilitate easy, continuous movement. I found that after cancer treatments and all the medications, my body was stiff and tight, and needed mobility flows more than anything. Kelsey's videos, and specifically her mobility exercises, made the biggest difference in my physical recovery, and they were exactly what my body had been craving. Sometimes when I didn't feel up for a whole video, I would scroll her instagram and pick a couple mobility exercises, and let me tell you, HUGE difference. I worked my way up to her full videos and I am loving them. 

My Favorite Exercise Products
During Recovery

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